At Freedom Title, we take the word “team” seriously. We bring our best day in and day out for our clients...and we also support each other and have fun. We are a fast-growing firm built on excellence. Below are links to job descriptions for the positions we regularly fill. If you are interested in bringing your talents to Freedom Title, we encourage you to send your resume to [email protected]. Apply
I love working at Freedom Title because it’s a fun environment, with great people and always room to move up the ladder to a new position. – Lori
We are truly a team and deep down we all care and have fun while working. – Kadi
It’s not work, it’s fun. It’s not an office, it’s family. – Jaime
I love working for Freedom Title because we're friends at work and outside of work. We celebrate the small stuff. We care about not only the job but each other. – Michelle
The managers go out of their way to make me feel I am a valued employee. – Amanda